What do I Know?????

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This blog is in response to the Daily Post’s word of the day, which is conversant, which be definition means to be knowledgeable, skilled or well informed about something. So it got me thinking about nutrition, which is what I happen to be knowledgeable, skilled and well informed about. People will walk into a shop, a supermarket, look online at blogs, reviews and talk to people about nutrition. They will ask a member of staff about the nutrition of a product or if it is good for this or that. Firstly this is insane because the first question one should ask is if the person is trained or is conversant in the subject matter. Secondly it irks me because people then actually believe what this person has said to them without checking if it is true and what the knowledge was based on. During my dissertation at university I went into a well known health store and asked what supplements I needed as I was a new vegan. The shop worker went into a whole host of things that I am lacking such as B12, Omega fats and iron. How did this person know I was lacking? What was his reason for picking out those supplements? Whatever his reasoning was it was wrong. He could not know if I was lacking in any of those things unless he did a blood test to confirm.

Sometimes when people find out that my qualifications are in nutrition they then ask me the bog standard questions of:

  • What do I need to cure this?
  • Is my diet any good?
  • Can you advise me on such and such?
  • What supplements do I need to take for whatever?

So you go through a whole thing about vitamins, minerals, diet, life-style choices, health, exercise and all the other information. To which then a lot just say “well, it’s all rubbish anyway as I am still here and nothing has happened”. They tell me they have read the label and it is low in salt and high in some fat, they are not sure what it means but it is enough for them to make a decision about eating it or not. They also assume if it is on the shelf then it cannot be that bad for you as it would have gone through all kinds of tests to ensure safety, “wouldn’t it?” So when I tell them the basic facts about good foods, bad foods, good molecules, bad molecules, healthy options, unhealthy options and all the science around healthy eating they just assume I am talking rubbish and go on the way they are, because, at the moment, they are in “good” health.

What people fail to realise that eating certain bad foods and indulging in a poor life-style does not mean that straight away you will get ill. No, far from it, the truth is it is an accumulative process as the body tries to compensate for bad food, poor health as it does not want you to die. However this cannot go on forever and the body will start to break down, like a car that is not serviced and looked after will rust and breakdown. One day you will start to get aches and pains, a little bit wheezy, slightly raised blood pressure, skin starts to look wrinkly, arteries start to harden, heart is working a bit harder and many other things on scales that seem microscopic at first but will gradually get worse.

So when someone is conversant in such a matter and you fail to acknowledge this  then you are now going to look for someone to blame when you get ill. We are by nature an animal, we should be living off the land, be it as a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan without all the shit that gets pumped into and onto our foods. We eat foods that look like nothing like food and has so many chemicals in that they have their own periodic tables attached to them. Just because the large companies throw this stuff out onto the market for sale does not mean they are safe to eat. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already categorized certain processed meats as dangerous as smoking so why eat it?

So take a step back, don’t be blackmailed into thinking that fast food is OK to eat, they just want your money, that is the bottom line. People lived well without all these fast food joints, people actually cooked and made food from scratch. Take it from someone who is conversant in this and instead of looking at your screen to see the latest mobile, tablet or car specifications, download a recipe and cook for you and your loved ones.





Silence is Golden

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I took this picture on Hampstead Heath; to me it looks like two trees having a silent chat on the hill. The SILENCE is golden and the picture may suggest many other things to many different people who view it. Silence is important and in beautiful surrounding like this I can reflect, think and dwell on my inner feelings and emotions. Much of the problems I face with my health are made significantly worse by the inane conversations people have, the noise of the urban environment, the chaos that people create while immersing in the world of material objectification. These moments of silence are like winning on the lottery,  golden and should be seized upon (Carpe diem).  My humble little android phone took this picture.

First Weekly Photo Challenge Post

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This is my first photo challenge post from the Daily Post Blog which this week’s theme is ‘Sweet’.



I took this picture with my mobile phone whilst out walking around Spitalfields, Whitechapel and the East End of London. It is a sweet picture and really amazing graffiti, the whole area I walked was full of stunning, beautiful graffiti which just fascinate and inspire me. The detail is amazing and really captures your attention as you walk by the busy streets where this was. It is always important to be mindful when walking as it is easy to miss things like this when you walk on autopilot to get from A to B. The picture does not do justice to the actual piece but hopefully you still enjoy its beauty and subject matter. 

Life is Fucking Hard

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Life is Fucking Hard


I wake up and realise it’s true,

Another day that I am forced to do.

So I clean my teeth and get dressed,

Then put on my smile to say, “I’m not depressed”.


I did not want to go into acting

But I cannot stand the way people are reacting

“”We can always rely on happy, bubbly Andi

“He’s always around, ever so handy.”


It’s a constant struggle, every day,

To deal with the ignorance thrown my way.

So I keep my head down and continue on

Hoping my radio will play a different song



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I am a vegan, that is my choice, not yours. I opt for this lifestyle because it is what I feel is  right for me, you choose things that are right for you. When I go to eat I compromise  by going to places that are meat-centric; so you can eat an array of your daily staple, where ice-cream, cheese, fish, eggs and other animal derivatives are strewn about like confetti at a wedding. You um and erh over the choices you have, not knowing what you will consume today, the steak, the fish, the macaroni cheese you just don’t know what to have with your peas.

I sit down and and ask for the usual, jacket potato and beans, but I must remember to tell them to hold the butter or my night will be ruined. Then they say “it’s so great that you can eat here and have a good meal with us”. So I grin and bare it for the sake of the compromise because as you say “it’s so great that you can eat here”. 

Now if the tables were turned, and I want to go to a vegetarian or vegan establishment ,then I am rebuked as it would be so unfair for any of you to go without your dead flesh for a few hours. But I have to totally understand and not make a fuss, as I will then be difficult, a militant and being seen as awkward. So once again its back to no choices and listen to all your selfish voices, not knowing what to have or what to choose while I just sit back with the hope that they remember to hold the butter on the jacket potato.



Just what we need

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As I walk by a huge shopping complex in Romford I see a cordoned off area where pedestrians are told to walk around. The reason being that 3 new eating places are going to open. Wow, great, more places to eat, more reasons to cook less, more opportunities to get eating related health diseases. Every single town, city and village are opening coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, street food stalls and ensuring that wherever we turn, look or walk we will see a place to purchase food and drink. It is amazing how society has come so far without the need for such intrusions, now we need to be eating and drinking 24/7.

A Telegraph article in 2015 (4-Oct-2015) reported that 16-24 year olds spend more on takeaways than any other age group because they don’t know how to cook. It went on to suggest the same study found, on average, the same age group only knew 4 recipe’s.

Looking at statistics from, ‘The Association of Public Health Observations’, a table places Havering Borough at the bottom of healthy eating, with only 29.4 per 100’000 adults actually eating healthy foods. So of course what Romford needs is a drive to encourage this achievement and ensure it stays bottom of this table.

In the news we hear about the increasing obesity rates which suggest we are slowly moving up to a third of the population. Therefore to meet the actual goal of this towns, cities and villages need to open more fast food, junk food and crap food outlets so people don’t have to waste time cooking healthy food 

In fact I suggest you strip your kitchen out and use it as a spare bedroom, or a study, a pool room or a second sitting room to sit and burn all those extra calories from the go large option at your local buffet. Why have a kitchen when you spend so little time in it? Just make it something useful, something that takes less time to clean, you know you cannot be asked to cook for yourself or your family, why the hell would you want to clean as well?

Diabetes, heart disease, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, lack of fitness and all the other negative things need your help. They need you to push harder and buy more take out foods, eat faster, eat cheaper and for fucks sake don’t cook, that is a cardinal sin. Make the most of the NHS by applying for a bypass, gastric bypass, bariatric surgery, or other correctional procedure brought on by mindless eating. Meet the overworked nurses and doctors, who will care for you the best you can while you chomp on a second packet of doughnuts, without artificial flavours.

Who needs to cook when all these great, cheap, artificial, salty, fatty, sugary, cholesterol packing, artery hardening, organ damaging, bone damaging are available to eat? Who gives a shit about eating with family and friends at a dinner table with home cooked food when you can go out and eat fast food shit?

You also get to complain and berate a minimum wage worker who has put your slop in front of you. You can tell him/her that it is disgusting or the sauce to thin, the rice underdone, the fork too dirty, or any other tedious whim. Then shout and demand a full refund as this is just not on, how dare they serve you something 1 degree cooler than you wanted, how dare they make you wait 10 minutes more for your food that anticipated, how dare they not put the right colour gravy on your roast shit.

Instead of being a loathing, hating, demanding, horrible, nasty person, cook your own food. That’s right, read a recipe book and follow the instructions and cook a meal for yourself and your family, that is really what love is, I know it is hard to fathom but honestly you are allowed to cook and share food.

As you can see it gets me so wound up, food is an essential task that we must do to survive and thrive. Eating the shit that most of these food outlets give you is not nourishing, it may be filling and tasty but it is not nourishing. The only nourishing being done is the obese bank accounts that the owners of these places have, they will be dining on fine food, greens, salads, organic veg all brought by you because you wanted to eat shit. So you eat shit so they can eat well. Well done.

So best of luck with your journey and I do hope I am wrong, I do hope you are in good health and I hope you love your loved ones enough to show them that you are better than 4 recipe’s.

Eat real and prosper.

Tree Hugging

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This post is not what you are probably expecting, although there will be an element that refers to the title. I have woke up depressed, in a feel sorry for myself mood, and just want to cry. But I a not allowed to cry, my body wants to erupt into a flow of tears and let out the festering torments of sickness from within. So I force myself to get on with the day as people will just think I am being a lazy git, “pull your socks up man”, “worse things happen at sea” and the plethora of puke that people who are fit and well throw on you to make you feel even worse about yourself. It really is not my fault that I am like this, but people are ignorant, they don’t get it, it does not have a brand name.

The other day I was thinking, I know, go and have a lie down, take a rest, ha fucking ha, you should be a comedian. Through my whole childhood I never got a hug from my parents or other family members, what the fuck? I cannot speak for the other family members and their abilities to hug or not. Maybe Shakespeare should have written “To hug, or not to hug: that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer”. And suffering is now my daily enjoyment. My parents were under the impression that if you had things then you had love, you had all that you needed. “Look through the catalogue and see what you want for Christmas or your birthday son”. Don’t get me wrong I did get attention when I was really ill; I used to suffer (there it is again) from severe migraines that concerned doctors enough to have me examined and sent for head scans. Two weeks at a time in bed, sweating, in pain and my parents would bring me in a bottle of Lucozade , wrapped up in that medicinal shiny plastic paper. You see they do care.


So I get up and write this blog as it needs to be said rather than bubble inside me like the potion of a witche’s cauldron. No wonder I find it difficult to find my own love, my happiness, my soulmate, because my parents did not instruct me in the ways of relationships, love and things that really matter. A hug would have meant so much more than my bike, it would laid down a foundation for my own adulthood and experiences with the opposite sex. To be honest and brutal here my parents were fucking shit at parenting and were abusive. They took out their own short comings on members of their own family, especially if you did not meet their expectations of what a person should be.


So I am now a shadow, a shadow of my potential, dwarfed by my family experiences,  other members of my family, my lack of nurture; which is a right of everyone, planned or not planned. 

My parents did not want me to study social care or have relations with “coloured people” or be gay, I had to be what they wanted or else. Well fuck you, I choose or else, I just want to be me, not what you want me to be; because you are shit. My brothers were all mechanics, electricians and good with their hands. I was a freak because I could actually think for myself and that worried my mother, not my father, he was a docile, perverted shit head who got twisted along the way. My mother held the power in the family and boy did she wield it. Apparently I was wrong with my feelings, when she read a private document of mine (I was 18 at the time),  what I had written was all lies apparently, so why did it affect her so much?

Why does a child of 10 or 11 get such severe migraines that are powerful enough to incapacitate him? Maybe because what he is feeling was wrong and all lies. So now my life does not have the foundations that one needs to be a fully functioning human being, capable of their own relationships, form friendships and partake in society. No, my foundations had irreparable subsidence that would affect me, it would affect me so much that it would snowball as I get older and cause me to become ill, which again, is probably wrong and all lies.


When I went to university in 2008 I did so because I needed to prove to my parents that I was capable of attaining something or not become “a nobody”. I had to be the best and get the best mark I could because my parents were not going to win this one. But they did win, I could not even have a first class degree, won a scholarship, got published, was on a Dean’s list and won two progression awards and beat them. After this I was really Ill, apparently PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks and exhaustion, you win mum and dad, your rings are precious. 

But will my own achievements get me that hug? We they get me the love I crave for? Will it get me the relationships that make people happy? I guess not, I am probably doomed for failure due to the programming of my parents. One can look and fight for as long as they can but if there is nothing to be found then it is futile. 



So now I hug trees, I told you it would feature somewhere, trees don’t treat us with such merciless actions. They bring us life with oxygen, they bring us beauty without toxic chemicals, they bring us nature, they bring us themselves without conditions. I can walk in nature, like a walk on Hampstead Heath, )where these pictures were taken( , fuck the rules, which does not discriminate, does not upset me, does not tell me I am wrong, does not call me a liar and does not tell me that “i will amount to nothing”. I can be around plants, birds, animals, insects, flowers, trees, clouds and skies and will be at one, these things are my foster parents, they will nurture me and love me for who I am and who I want to be. It is just a shame that our mother earth and all its wondrous things are under constant attack from the cancer known as humanity, oh what irony that is, humanity.

Well, “back to life, back to reality.” )Soul II Soul(


You are what you eat?

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An article that was published in the Guardian on the 3rd February 2018 took my interest as it exposes the shit that people are eating and consider it as nutritious food. The article, which can be read here:  Guardian article is based on data obtained from 19 European countries and we rank as the worst offenders, another gold medal for us then. It also suggests the food is not only processed but has used the wording ultra-processed, now that should set alarm bells ringing.

There is a lot of emerging studies and data that links this type of food to obesity and many other negative health outcomes. So why would anyone purchase these types of food? Is it just because they are cheap alternatives to real food? Do that taste so good that you mother’s/father’s, grandmother’s/grandfathers recipes are so bad that you need chemically altered food to much on? The study suggests that over half of UK families purchase this type of food, that is criminal, they are feeding their loved ones and themselves  potentially life damaging products.

An example used in the article were the ingredients for Mr. Kipling’s Angel Slice Cakes of which list as:

Sugar Listed first, so it is the biggest ingredient. Each slice contains 13.2g of sugar, which is 15% of an adult’s recommended daily intake

Vegetable oils (rapeseed, palm) Rapeseed oil is healthy, but palm oil is a highly saturated fat, widely used in industrially-produced foods because of its very low cost

Wheat flour (with added calcium, iron, niacin, thiamin) Added vitamins but this is finely milled white flour


Glucose syrup Another form of sugar, made from maize in the USA, where it is called corn syrup, or from potatoes and wheat

Humectant (vegetable glycerine) Reduces moisture loss

Dextrose Another form of sugar

Dried egg white

Whey powder (milk) Gives texture

Vegetable fat (palm) Cheap form of saturated fat

Maize starch Often used as an anti-caking agent in sugars

Skimmed milk powder

Raising agents (disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate)

Emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sorbitan monostearate, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, soya lecithin, polysorbate 60) Emulsifiers are additives used to stabilise processed foods

Tapioca starch Thickening agent derived from cassava roots


Stabiliser (xanthan gum) Made from fermented sugars. Prevents ingredients from separating

Preservative (potassium sorbate)

Milk protein Can be used in industrially-made sponge cakes to replace egg, giving volume, elasticity and texture


Gelling agent (sodium alginate) This is E401, extracted from brown seaweed and used as a stabiliser in cream

Colours (titanium dioxide, cochineal, lutein) Titanium dioxide is an additive used in paint but also massively in food to give a white colour. Cochineal is the red colouring derived from insects. Lutein is yellow colouring extracted from marigolds

Acid (acetic acid) A leavening ingredient in baked goods when combined with baking soda

A list of 23 ingredients, all of which bring you a flavour that they want you to crave and demand more of. Now if we take a recipe for this cake from an online source we get this:

295g unsalted butter, softened
200g caster sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla essence
225g self-raising flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
Yellow and pink food colouring
250g icing sugar
splash of milk
4 tbsp water

(Source: http://www.penneforyourthoughts.co.uk/2015/02/recipe-angel-cake-slices.html)

Now here we have a list of ten ingredients to make the cake yourself without all the other shit. However people don’t love themselves enough or their loved ones to cook food from scratch, they don’t have the time apparently. Too busy watching TV, playing games, sourcing a better mobile phone, texting, snapchatting, applying makeup, getting drunk and anything else that means they can use for an excuse not to eat healthy or cook healthy for their loved ones, because frankly they are not worth it.

Make time, create time, stop lying to yourself, you have to eat real food. The people you cook for deserve real food, if you cannot be asked to do that then just give them drugs as either way you are aiding and abetting in their ill health and possible death.

It is never to late to start eating real fodder, in fact it is a great chance to share good, honest food with people, show them you care and spend time cooking for each other.



Parkland Walk


On Saturday 27th I did a walk along the Parkland trail. This is an old, disused railway line that run from Finsbury Park through to Alexandra Palace, via Stroud Green, Crouch End, Highgate and Muswell Hill. In 1990 the old line was designated as a nature reserve and now people walk up and down the old line rather than take a train. It is an oasis of tranquility that sits in the middle of a roaring metropolis where chaos, noise and mayhem are the order of the day. A walk up and down this line is what the doctor would order for stress, anxiety or just to feel nature.  


The road is long


As you can see in the picture above the path is long and yesterday a few puddles scattered along the way, but hey they offer good pools of water for birds, insects and other living things to live and thrive. The walk itself from point to point is just over three miles long and can be broken into smaller parts depending on your fitness level at the time. Just walking along the path where the train would have travelled is a walk through history and brings a warm feeling of wonderment about the commuters who used to use the service, work people, families, friends, people taking a day out and all the train operators involved.


Meet the Spriggan

The following information is taken from Wiki:

Along the walk just before the disused platforms at Crouch End, a man-sized green spriggan sculpture by Marilyn Collins has been placed in one of the alcoves of the wall at the footbridge before the former Crouch End station.

According to a local urban legend, a ghostly ‘goat-man’ haunted the walk in the 1970s and 1980s. Local children playing out in the evenings would ‘dare’ each other to walk the Parkland Walk from the Crouch End Hill bridge to the Crouch Hill bridge in the darkness.[12] It has been suggested that the sculpture, and the Parkland Walk generally, provided the inspiration for Stephen King’s short story “Crouch End”.[13]However, as the story was first published in 1980 and the sculpture not erected until 1993, there can be no connection between the Spriggan and the story.[14] It is possible that the Walk may have inspired King, as he stayed with friend and Crouch End resident Peter Straub during the 1970s. It should be noted that no definite link between the Parkland Walk and the story has ever been proven.

[source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkland_Walk 28-01-2018]






Old Crouch End Station

The old Crouch End Station platforms are still there and offer another insight into a bygone age. It is amazing to walk through this part and imagine what it was like over a 100 years ago. The picture below is of the station in another era:



Walking brings up many opportunities to learn about nature, history, local history and people which can inspire you to delve into more research and find out more.

So here is a montage of pictures from my walk that are just nice little memories for me to enjoy and anyone else who happens upon this blog.


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Walk long and prosper


Happy New Year 2018


It is a New Year, 2018 in fact, this normally brings new beginnings and a chance to re-evaluate our achievements and changes we wish to make. One of my God Children, got me a journal in which to set goals, make aspirations, set targets, look at past accomplishments, what new things I want to do and a whole host of other important things.

I have not been focused enough on my positive attributes that I still have as I have mainly focused on all my negatives, my limitations and things that hinder me. This has weighed me down and created a destructive aura around me which I play into and allow to control me. This has to stop and I need to make major adjustments. So along with my hard copy journal, I will write here some of my journalistic writings so they are here to see and act as a measure of what and where I am going and need to be.
So it is now 14th January and I have been failing in my goals and aspirations so far. I need to drink more water, eat healthier, read more books, do more walks, write letters, do less online, be in nature and write this blog.

So the write this blog aspect is what I am doing now. I have neglected my blog due to many things and most are not good enough reasons. If I am to improve my writing skills and blog skills I need to write more.

One of my favourite things is a good vindaloo or hot curry which I have decided I can now only have if I achieve enough positives from my goals and tasks. This is an arbitrary decision by myself and one which I need to be strong in as no progress will equal no rewards. So two weeks in and still no curry so at this point I am failing.

While I take this journey I need to change certain aspects of my life,some mentioned above, as otherwise nothing will change and I will blame all on sundry apart from myself, which is the real truth of it all.

So time to make drastic changes for myself and others.

There is a lot about recycling at the moment and waste so I need to look at my impact on the planet and what I can do. We are so selfish here in the western world as we consume, consume, consume, use resources, use energy and the world’s natural elements. This in turn pollutes the oceans, the seas, the land, the skies and the atmosphere. Our greed and need to own stuff is killing the natural environment, killing innocent people and damaging the planet for others. It is a ,”fuck you Jack, I am alright” attitude that stinks. This needs to change so I need to look at my impact and what I can do to change things.
I also need to look at my fat, greedy self and have to make ways to lose weight. I stuff myself, waste food, eat when I am not hungry, eat shit and all while others go hungry and need food to survive. I need to address my eating habits and my drinking habits by forming positive changes into my life.

So this is my plan,make changes to my poor decision making policy, my lack of restraint,my greed and my want rather than need. Change can happen, however I need to be that change. Wishing for, hoping for, dreaming of are not acceptable,be part of the solution not the problem. I am to blame,no one else, I must change.

So here it is,in black and white for you all to see. I will move to create better options, eat healthier, drink healthier, exercise more, be accountable for my actions and everything else I have waffled about.

Don’t be a prick Andi, make better decisions.