Toxic Friends

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I came across this terminology whilst doing a get back to work course and it took my interest. The main concept is be aware of people around you including friends, family, peer’s and other significant others in your life. Some may actual be toxic to your development and hinder the things you are trying to do or are actually involved in. They may do this by getting you to do things that they feel you should do and not you. They may tell you things they feel you want to hear and not the truths that you are seeking.

Some people just hang around for the ride as they know you are generous and they eek out every bit of goodness in you for their own purposes. I can example this as I had many friends and acquaintances when I was working for a large bank. I would buy rounds of drink, treat people to expensive meals, pay for tickets, buy lots of coffees, teas and sweet treats. I could afford to do this and they were my friends right? Wrong, they were toxic clingons, taking what they could and having g a free ride knowing their little treats are safe and sound.

I supported animal charities, local vegan groups, a few local initiatives and they would all engage with me as long as I kept giving. Lots of wonderful emails and texts to ask how I am and how are things going keeping me buttered up to ensure I gave them my money, I thought they actually cared about me and valued my support. Therefore they did not give a shit how I really was and just were paying lip service as a means to an end.

So now when I need a bit of help and support where are all they lovely friends? Where are my work colleagues who I treated so respectfully and with compassion and generosity? Where are the emails and texts from the animal places, groups and local interest initiatives? They now know I have no money to give them so basically I can fuck off.  Even though some of them do good they still have the corporate mentality of  fleecing what they can out of you and then kicking you to the kerb. They are toxic people, toxic entities and once you cannot give them what they want will  throw you aside with their other garbage.

I have learnt a lot about some of my old friends and acquaintances, I have come to realise they are just shit, muck to scrape off from  the sole of my foot. All along I thought they had my back, well they did not, they had their own backs. So now I have to pick and chose friends carefully as everyone is a potential parasite, capable of draining every bit of life from you. And the fact of this matter is I am better off without these parasitic, shallow, money dribblers whose lives are just as fake as a  lot of our news these days.


2 thoughts on “Toxic Friends

  1. I try to dodge those that are toxic to the mind and in some cases to the environment around them; unfortunately in some cases the only thing you can do is walk away/end all contact. The “fake friend” is very much alive & well in these modern times; true friends make time for you & notice when you go off the radar.

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    1. Hi Louize, Thanks for replying to this post, also good to confirm who you are. I hope you are well. I like the use of the term ‘fake friend’ as well, which you have mentioned. I do not know if any of it is attributed to my own illness but I know that ‘friends’ have a way of disappearing when the excrement hits the air conditioning and you need their help. They do say that a measure of a friend is when it all goes wrong and the ones left around you, supporting you are the real deal.


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