Walking to health

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This is in response to the daily prompt word meander


As I walk I try to imagine all the people that walked before me, the history of the people and the place, what were they doing, how they were living and did they feel stress like I do today? I walk down streets, through cemeteries, in parks, along canals, on bridges, through housing estates, up hills, on meadows and through forests, all bringing different thoughts and feelings. No phones, no radios, no cars, no tablets, no electronics and no modern comforts, they must have been stressed. However I want to compare my stress with their stress and see if it is the same or different. 

Many people walked this world before me and all those that are on the planet now, people who had to carve a life from living off the land. Survival was an innate response to the dangers and environments of a previous eons. No coffee shops, fast food stores, nail shops, hairdressers, supermarkets, chain stores, DIY stores or anything that would help and make lives easier. No, people lived off the land growing vegetables, raising cattle, growing plants and herbs. They lead interesting lives with difficult obstacles and were able to do a lot more with their hands. 

I am tempted by all the rubbish that is on offer, companies telling us we need this and that, you must eat on the street, drink on the go, buy coffee, even though for thousands of years we lived without this. Adverts to encourage us, dittos to persuade, deals to entice, offers to good to miss and phone calls to harass. We are bombarded with all this stuff. What did people do before all these stresses started to stress us? When did we need coffee to kick start our days? what shops or places were here before this supermarket?  When did people start throwing cigarette butts and chewing gum onto the floors? Were people always this dirty and materialistic? 

As I meander through the world with people rushing about purchasing, buying, consuming, using, wasting, demanding, my space, my things, my baggage my stuff, I see a world where stuff is more important that lives, histories, people, health and things that are important. I do not like this world, it is greedy and egotistical, no community or belonging, it is an alien world where status is attributed to things. 

I read books to get a sense of what it was like before all the shit we have now, social media, processed foods, glow-in-the-dark drinks, one use cups, plastic, throw away clothes and a world where rubbish and pollution rule. Did people stress about this in the past? Probably not as they were stressing about survival and getting food on their plates. Now we throw this excess food out and fill up holes in the ground for our future generations. 

I know it was not rosy back in the day and it was hard, but at least people had a chance, now we don’t have that chance. 




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