I saw this blog by Katrina when I was looking at the daily prompt words and this said it all for me. The word was ‘invisible’.

TheGirlBeating MentalHealth


That is mental health, invisible because it can be seen it is easy to ignore it and it hide it the cupboard. Mental health illness can not be diagnosed by blood tests or a x-ray so it remains invisible.

With mental health disorders being hidden from society someone suffering with let’s say, depression, are already going to feel isolated with society’s view of mental health and the stigma that is around it only can make a sufferer be alone, in silence. To nervous and anxious to speak about it.

We need to shout about mental health. Make the world aware it’s not going to go away, in fact there are more people today suffering with mental health disorders than ever. The man on the bus next to you could be on medication for bipolar disorder, the women queuing up in the bank could have an eating disorder. One in…

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