My Favourite Place

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IMG_20170815_150101462 (2)

In response to the weekly photograph challenge of ‘my favourite place’ I found it difficult to select a singular place. But what I do enjoy is being in nature, around trees, water, plants, animals, flowers, skies, beaches, grass and all things natural. So this picture represents why I like to be in @my favourite place’ which can be anywhere where there is peace, tranquillity and nature. When I was laying down and took this picture I was in awe of the beauty of the shades of green, the blue sky and the clouds as they came rolling along. I could hear birds chirping away in their trees, singing happy melodies, chatting away and soothing my inner demons. Nature has answers, it is the 999 response to a lot of my health issues, it is my shoulder to cry on. Nature will not judge me, it will not mock me and it will not tell me to pull my socks up.

A good dose of vitamin N is enough to curb my stresses from bubbling over into a volcanic eruption, it will allow me to appreciate that humans do not have all the answers and it will give me a sense of freedom in this ever encroaching world. Maybe I have run my course with human interaction with their opinions of my health, their don’t do this and don’t do that, their noise, their pollution, their demand for more. I just want a life where nature is my parents and all the trees, flowers, plants, birds, animals, waters and all things natural are my family.


So anywhere that meets this criteria is my favourite place.



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